Bulk Online Training Tickets

This is for churches or similar organisations who wish to pay for the cost of their members online training.

This is only for bulk purchases of coupon codes for Safe Ministry Essentials Online and Safe Ministry Refresher Online.

How it works:

  • The form below should be completed by someone in the church/organisation with the authority to make the purchase.
    All fields are required. There is a minimum purchase of 3 discount codes for any course.
  • When submitted, a link to the invoice with direct deposit details will be made available immediately on the confirmation page.
  • When the invoice has been paid, an email will be sent with the coupon code(s) for the requested course(s).
  • They can be distributed to the members of your church, who can apply them at the checkout of the registration system.
  • When the number of codes have been used up, this form can be used to order more.
  • Please note that non-Anglican denominations will have the GST added to the cost of the codes. This can be claimed back through your normal accounting processes.

Important note: Each person using these codes must individually create an account
on this site AND go through the enrolment/purchase process using all their own details. They can then enter the coupon code for their church at the checkout.

Any questions can be addressed to the Safe Ministry Training Administrator via admin@safeministry.training