Safe Ministry training is part of the Diocesan Safe Ministry Ordinance. It requires that all people working in ministry to children and youth as well as ministers and assistant ministers undertake Safe Ministry training every three years.
This training is also beneficial for those involved in ministry to other vulnerable people.

How to get trained in Safe Ministry

By early 2018, all the Safe Ministry Training courses will be available as online courses, but there are currently three main ways Safe Ministry training can be delivered to those in your church or ministry:

  1. Safe Ministry Events:
    The Safe Ministry Team (PSU) holds Safe Ministry training events each year on various dates and at a variety of locations. The training is led by a qualified Senior Safe Ministry Trainer. View all upcoming Safe Ministry Training Events.
  2. In-house training:
    Your church (or one close by) may have a Local Safe Ministry Trainer, giving you flexibility to conduct training at a convenient time and location.
  3. Private Group Training:
    Safe Ministry training is also available on request with a minimum of 10 participants. To find out more, contact Safe Ministry Training Support on (02) 9265 1588 or email us

Beyond the formal requirements, effective Safe Ministry begins with excellent training, and we have three courses that are designed to equip all people working with children and other vulnerable people with the knowledge and understanding to do so in a manner that builds a culture of safe ministry.

The courses:

Junior Leader


The Anglican Diocese of Sydney requires that all people working in ministry to children and youth, including ministers and assistant ministers, to complete Safe Ministry Essentials. This course is also relevant for those working in ministry to other vulnerable people. This course takes around 4.5-5.0 hours

Course contents include:

  • Identifying and appointing appropriate leaders for Christian ministry
  • Safe practices to protect vulnerable people
  • Recognising and reporting abuse
  • Providing a safe environment

Please note: due to the presentation of information on grooming and sexual abuse it is advised that this course may not be suitable for helpers who are under 18 years of age (see Safe Ministry Junior Leaders course below).

This course will be available as an online course early in 2018


After first completing the Safe Ministry Essentials training, the minister, assistant minister and anyone working in ministry to children and youth must complete Safe Ministry Refresher training every three years. If someone fails to complete a Refresher course within 30 days of their three year expiry, they must then do Essentials again in order to maintain currency.
This course is also relevant for those working in ministry to other vulnerable people who wish to maintain their accreditation. This training is also designed for people aged 18 years and over, but may be suitable for some 16-17 year olds.

This course will be available as an online course late in 2017

Junior Leader 

This training module educates junior leaders on what it means to lead and protect children and vulnerable people in a ministry setting. This course is not run by the PSU, but is part of the Safe Ministry Pack, and can be run by Local Safe Ministry Trainers.

Although this module is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to ensure that all leaders are equipped with appropriate knowledge for the role of leadership. Junior leaders should be supervised at all times by an experienced leader.

At time of writing, it is yet to be decided if the Junior Leader course will be available online.

Safe Ministry Training is currently delivered either at PSU-run Training Events held in various locations around the Diocese (see 2017 dates), or by a Local Safe Ministry Trainer at your church, or one nearby.

PSU-Run Courses

Safe Ministry Essentials (4.5 hours) | For those who have not completed any training.
Safe Ministry Refresher (2.5 hours) | For those who need to refresh their training.

Please note: Safe Ministry training can contain content that may cause distress. It includes discussion of topics such as child abuse, family and domestic violence, abuse of power and bullying.

Please contact the Safe Ministry Training Consultant if this training may cause concern.


Safe Ministry Essentials $50 for Sydney Anglicans* | $60 for Other Denominations
Safe Ministry Refresher $25 for Sydney Anglicans* | $30 for Other Denominations
*Subsidised cost for Sydney Anglicans by the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Please note that lunch is not provided.

The Professional Standards Unit is committed to seeing every church receive the training they need. Please contact us if the cost of training is prohibitive.