How do I get trained in Safe Ministry?

We are in a state of change with Safe Ministry Training as we develop Safe Ministry Training Online.
This information will change as our systems change, but is correct as of March 2017

There are three main ways Safe Ministry training can be delivered to those in your church or ministry:

  1. Safe Ministry Events:
    The PSU holds Safe Ministry training events through the year on various dates and at a variety of locations. The training is provided by a qualified Senior Safe Ministry Trainer. Click here to view all upcoming Safe Ministry Weeks.
  2. In-house training:
    Youthworks can train a Local Safe Ministry Trainer from your church, giving you flexibility to conduct training at a convenient time and location.
  3. Private Group Training:
    Safe Ministry training is also available on request with a minimum of 10 participants. To find out more, contact the Safe Ministry Training Consultant on (02) 9265 1547 or via email here