Know Domestic Abuse course

In the introduction to the Anglican Diocese of Sydney Responding to Domestic Abuse: Policy and Good Practice Guidelines  Archbishop Glenn Davies, reminds us that

“The effects of sin are ever present, and … we are concerned for those relationships where domestic abuse is present. We wish to address this issue honestly and transparently; we also wish to extend our care and compassion to those who suffer domestic abuse.”

This training course endeavours to assist participants, particularly those who are leaders in churches, to understand how to address the issue of domestic abuse and how to compassionately care for those who are experiencing it.

Purpose of this course:

This course is designed to educate those in church leadership roles on how to identify and respond to the patterns and dynamics of domestic abuse (also known as domestic violence).

This course will not make participants an expert in the field of domestic abuse, so it is important to be mindful of the limits of your expertise after completing this training. However, it aims to equip you with resources to respond well to indicators or disclosures of domestic abuse, and identify when and how to refer to professionals.

Who should do this course:

This training has been written for ministry staff (clergy and authorised lay ministers), and initially the course is limited to those categories of leaders in Sydney Anglican churches or affliliates.

Where possible, we recommend that ministry teams complete the training together.

For face-to-face training for church congregations on the topic of domestic abuse, contact Anglicare’s Family & Domestic Violence Advisor on

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