Local Safe Ministry Trainer Seminars

Local Safe Ministry Trainer Seminars | 2017

Location: Blacktown
Date: June 24

This is the final Local Safe Ministry Trainer Accredited Seminar being offered and is for current trainers only.

With the introduction of online Safe Ministry Training later this year the efforts for training in local churches is being reduced. If your qualification for training is due to expire in 2017 we encourage you to come along at no cost and refresh your training. It will then be current until all face to face training in local churches ceases.

Local Safe Ministry Trainers are qualified to teach all the Safe Ministry modules in their registered church(es).

The Safe Ministry Team (the PSU) is committed to maintaining a high standard for all Trainers. All Local Safe Ministry Trainers are therefore required to participate in update training every 3 years to maintain their accreditation. This training is in line with the Safe Ministry Board’s recommendation.

Note: there is no charge for this update seminar.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact the Safe Ministry Training Consultant.

June 24th | Blacktown Anglican  | 10am – 1pm
Update only | Local Safe Ministry Trainer Seminar