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Welcome To Your Training Dashboard,
This is where you can:

  • See what courses you are currently enrolled in (below). If you need to enrol in a course, go here .
  • Track your course expiry date (see Course Expiry in the sidebar).
  • Track your course progress (below). Note: a green tick next to a topic indicates successful completion of all the activities and the Checkpoint for that topic.
  • Access PDF documents related to your online course (see Training Documents in the sidebar).
  • Download any certificates you have earned (see Your Certificates in the sidebar).

You can log back in at any time to do things such as re-download a Certificate or access Training Documents from the sidebar.

Note: When you have enrolled in Essentials or Refresher, you will also see a course called ‘Training Overview’ below.  You need to complete this very short course before you can start the Essentials or Refresher course.

Your Registered Courses

Your Logbook Notes:

Notes you have made in your logbook – by course and topic.

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