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Safe Ministry Training Online

The content of the online courses is the same as the face to face versions and the time taken to complete the online training will be similar.

Safe  Ministry  Essentials  (up to 4.5  hours)  |  For  those  who  have  not  completed  any  training.
Safe  Ministry  Refresher  (up to 2.5  hours)  |  For  those  who  need  to  refresh  their  training.

Please  note:  Safe  Ministry  training  can  contain  content  that  may  cause  distress.  It  includes discussion  of  topics  such  as  child  abuse,  family  and  domestic  violence,  abuse  of  power  and bullying.
Please  contact  the Safe Ministry Team (PSU)  if  this  training  may  cause  concern.
Our training is endorsed by the Safe Churches Training Agreement (SCTA)

Sydney Anglican Diocese training

This training has been written for leaders serving in Anglican churches in the Sydney Diocese. It is important to note that any reference to policies, ordinances, codes of conduct and certain leadership roles as well as government legislation and legal requirements are specific to these Anglican churches.

Leaders from other churches may also benefit from, and are welcome to undertake this training.
While much of the information and guidelines contained in the courses will be relevant in other churches, leaders who are not in a Sydney Anglican church should ensure they identify their own church/denomination’s applicable policies, codes and leadership roles as well as specific state laws at the relevant points in the training.

How does online training work?

Online training consists of self-paced modules and a live webinar. To complete this training you require a computer or other internet-connected device (e.g: a laptop, tablet or phone).

1. Register
Click the ‘Register now‘ link on this page to register and set up your online account. Once registered, you will automatically be taken to the online training website.
Safe Ministry Essentials consists of four self-paced modules & a live webinar
Safe Ministry Refresher consists of two self-paced modules & a live webinar

2. Self-paced modules
Self-paced modules can be completed at your own pace and in your own time – you can come and go as you wish.
Allow approximately 45 mins – 1 hour to complete each module.

3. Live webinar (duration- 45 mins)
The final module consists entirely of a live and interactive webinar (a seminar via the web). The next scheduled webinars are listed below.
You will be able to register for a webinar after completing the self-paced modules.
You do not need any special equipment to participate in the webinar, but we do not recommend using a smartphone for this module – the small screen makes it quite difficult to participate fully.


Safe Ministry Essentials $15 for Anglicans of any Diocese | $17 for Other Denominations  
Safe Ministry Refresher $10 for Anglicans of any Diocese| $12 for Other Denominations

Registration and payment are made online 

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

Churches who wish to subsidise or pay the whole cost for their members undertaking Safe Ministry Training can arrange to pay ahead and provide their member with a special code to use at the registration checkout. Please contact the Safe Ministry Training Administrator for details

The Professional Standards Unit is committed to seeing every church receive the training they need. Please contact us if the cost of training is prohibitive.

Webinar Dates

Below are the current dates available for the live webinar module in both Refresher & Essentials Online.
You will be able to register for the webinar of your choice after you have completed all the self-paced online modules.

Please note that webinars can fill fast – what is listed below is only an indication of the current availability. 

MARCH 2018
(Note: all times are Australian Eastern Summer Time)

Tuesday 21st 7:30pm  FULL

Thursday 22nd 7:30pm  FULL

Saturday 24th 9:00am  FULL

Wednesday 28th 7:30pm  FULL


APRIL 2018

Saturday 7th 9:00am  FULL

Tuesday 10th 7:30pm FILLING UP

Wednesday 11th 7:30pm

Thursday 12th 7:30pm

Monday 23rd 9:00am

Tuesday 24th 7:30pm


To register for Essentials and Refresher Online: