Online Safe Ministry Training

Safe Ministry Training Online

Starting with Refresher in October 2017, all the Safe Ministry Training course are moving online as the primary delivery method.

The content of the online courses is the same as the face to face versions and the time taken to complete the online will be similar.

Safe  Ministry  Essentials  (up to 4.5  hours)  |  For  those  who  have  not  completed  any  training.
Safe  Ministry  Refresher  (up to 2.5  hours)  |  For  those  who  need  to  refresh  their  training.
Please  note:  Safe  Ministry  training  can  contain  content  that  may  cause  distress.  It  includes discussion  of  topics  such  as  child  abuse,  family  and  domestic  violence,  abuse  of  power  and bullying.
Please  contact  the Safe Ministry Team (PSU)  if  this  training  may  cause  concern.


Safe Ministry Essentials $12 for Anglicans of any Diocese | $17 for Other Denominations  (Essentials Online available early 2018)
Safe Ministry Refresher $10 for Anglicans of any Diocese| $15 for Other Denominations

Registration and payment are made online 

Payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

Churches who wish to subsidise or pay the whole cost for their members undertaking Safe Ministry Training can arrange to pay ahead and provide their member with a special code to use at the registration checkout. Please contact the Safe Ministry Training Administrator for details

The Professional Standards Unit is committed to seeing every church receive the training they need. Please contact us if the cost of training is prohibitive.

Available here from October 11th 2017