Safe Ministry Online training launches soon

Refresher Online

We have had a busy few months and are very excited to share with you all that’s new as we prepare for our refresher course to launch online in October.

Local Safe Ministry Online Assistant (Online Assistant).

A new role has been created within local churches to be able to assist with those who would like to do online training but may lack the ability to access Wi-Fi, or require assistance to book and pay for the course, navigate through the training modules, or participate in the webinar. The role is managed in the local church and is a way to enable and support people as they complete the online safe ministry training.

A 45 minute webinar providing more detail about this role is scheduled for Tuesday September 19th at 7:30pm. Register here.
You do not need special equipment or expertise to participate in a webinar. A computer or mobile device with an internet connection and a web browser is all you require.

It is ideal that there is one Online Assistant in each church. A suitable person for this may be the existing local Safe Ministry trainer or another person in your church who is committed to Safe Ministry. The PSU (Safe Ministry Team) will provide yearly training (via webinar) and provide ongoing support to those in this role.

Safe Ministry Online Assistant – Job Description
Safe Ministry Online Assistant – Framework

The Safe Ministry Pledge.

The Safe Ministry Pledge is based on Faithfulness in Service 2014 and the Code of Conduct found in the Safe Ministry Map. The Safe Ministry Pledge is effectively the Code of Conduct signed. It is pledging (agreeing) to abide by the behaviour and practices the Safe Ministry Pledge outlines, and in doing so we make our churches safer places for everyone.

Participants are required to check each box to acknowledge that they understand and agree to abide by the Safe Ministry Pledge as it applies to the children, youth and other vulnerable people involved in your church and its programs.

Senior ministers must be alerted to this pledge as they are the contact person if a participant has questions about it or refuses to sign it.
Please note: The pledge is an integrated part of online Safe Ministry Training, and is not intended for use outside that environment. Once online training is fully implemented in early 2018, the pledge will also be integrated in the regional face to face training courses.
This information is intended to advise you of this new component of the training, and for Senior Ministers in particular, to be aware of it, as they may get questions about it once online training starts.

Download a copy of the Pledge:

The pledge will initially only be available in the online Safe Ministry Refresher course until the Essentials course is launched early 2018.