Safe Ministry Training Goes Online in 2017

Online training

From April 1 2017 the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) will oversee all Safe Ministry Training in the Sydney Diocese.
The PSU has always been ultimately responsible for Safe Ministry Training but for many years Youthworks has managed the content creation and delivery of the training. This will change from April 1st. We are thankful to Youthworks for their years of dedicated service to the diocese with this training.

Key Information

  • From April 1 2017, all the information about Safe Ministry Training dates and events, and the booking facilities for them will be on this website (, along with all other Safe Ministry Training-related resources.
  • The Training Event dates in the calendar for the remainder of 2017 will remain, and the same team of Senior Trainers will deliver the training at those events.
  • The material presented at all training events will be the same as is currently used.
  • Phone queries about the training from April 1 2017 onwards should be directed to: 02 9265 1588, and email enquiries should be sent to

Safe Ministry Training Goes Online

From late 2017 the Essentials and Refresher courses will become available online, making it possible for participants to complete the training anywhere and any time. This training can be accessed via computer, smart phone or tablet, provided there is internet connectivity.

We greatly value and appreciate our volunteers and leaders who work with children and want to make training more convenient and accessible than ever before.

Face-to-face training will still be available across the diocese but the opportunities for this will be more limited.

The online training will be:

  • Flexible
    • Training will be available any time of the day or night.
  • Self paced.
    • Each course will be broken down into multiple modules.
    • Each module can be completed at a pace that best suits the participant.
  • Personalised
    • Throughout the training there will be opportunities to ask questions, share concerns that participants may have in their parish or speak with a professional at the PSU
    • There will still be an element of human contact in the form of a webinar with a skilled trainer at the end of some of the courses.
  • Streamlined in terms of administration
    • Uniquely-numbered certificates will be provided at the successful completion of a course.
    • Parish Safe Ministry representatives and the PSU will receive electronic records of completed training.
    • Automatic email reminders will be sent every three years when participants are due to undertake the Refresher course.
  • Technical requirements are minimal.
    • All that is required is a broadband internet connection of modest speed and an email address.


See our FAQ page for a number of common questions and their answers.



We will be in regular communication with Safe Ministry Representatives, Local Safe Ministry Trainers, Senior Ministers and members of our congregations to keep them well informed of progress and other details. This process will include regional meetings to explain the process and answer questions in person.

At any time feel free to contact our team on:

Phone: 02 9265 1588 (during business hours)

Please pray that the online training will serve our churches and the cause of the gospel well, as we seek to see a culture of Safe Ministry grow and spread throughout our churches.