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Your Safe Ministry Journey
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Essentials & Refresher
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Face to Face

Regional face-to-face training
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Zero Tolerance

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney has Zero Tolerance to abuse of any kind in our churches.
See the linked page for more information.

SCTA Approval

Our two main courses – Essentials and Refresher (Online and Face to face versions) are approved by the SCTA  – The Safe Churches Training Agreement, which sets standards for Safe Ministry training courses for all member churches/denominations.

Safe Ministry - Other Information

For more general information about Safe Ministry in Sydney Anglican Churches, see our main site:


A growing collection of Frequently Asked Questions about many aspects of Safe Ministry Training. Check here for answers to your questions…

Safe Ministry Training Resources

Resources to assist you in organising, planning and doing ministry in your church safely

24/7 Abuse Hotline

By phone: 1800 774 945
By email: Report

Everything you need to know about Safe Ministry Training

Safe Ministry is a journey that starts when you first get involved in ministry to vulnerable people – children, teenagers and adults – and continues for the duration of that ministry.
And so, it is essential that all people involved in Anglican ministry to the vulnerable, including children and teenagers, are thoroughly equipped and trained for that journey with approved Safe Ministry training.

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney is an endorsed training partner under the Safe Church Training Agreement which is a nationally agreed standard for Safe Ministry training. The diocesan Professional Standards Unit is responsible for the administration of this training in the Sydney Diocese.

All people working with children or youth in ministry, including ministers and assistant ministers, are required to complete Safe Ministry Essentials, and then every three years undertake Safe Ministry Refresher training.

People in Sydney Anglican churches with a WWCC
Anglican Churches in Sydney
People trained online each year
Safe Ministry Training website to rule them all!

What some people say about online training…

I found the 'Notes' section, and encouragement to use it, was helpful in allowing me to reflect on the sections of study and to remember details and especially to consider the application of the ideas/information to my particular situation and church.


A very professional, well thought out and well presented online course.

As a senior person I was not sure how I would go. However, I found it quite easy to follow and seeing in written form actions that I should have taken some nine years ago in my own church situation, has made me aware for future.
I think all members of a Parish Congregation/s should undertake this training to be made aware of such things as Boundaries/Abuse of Power/Control people/ and our young children's ministry.


Very good course that covered all aspects of working with children. Gave me a greater awareness of what to look out for and how to get help if required.

I really found the online format helpful as it allowed me time to think about the material over a few weeks and review it several times. Webinar case study was excellent in its practical application.
Thanks for preparing such an excellent course on this important topic.


Many thanks to the team who organised and set up the course for the online refresher!!
I am a mother of 4 with a hubby who has physical disabilities, so after missing our last church refresher course, getting to another refresher course has been challenging for me.
I truly appreciate that I had this option at home and it was very user friendly for me.
Thank you so very, very much!

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