Safe Ministry Training Support

Safe Ministry Training Support

We are committed to helping resolve any problems you may have using this site or the training courses.
Please note the following:

  • If you not familiar with using the internet or uncomfortable with using it, your first action should be to contact the Online Assistant in your church (if you are part of a Sydney Anglican church). Your Senior Minister will be able to tell you who that is.
  • We have a growing knowledge base of articles and frequently asked questions that might well assist you with your issue. Please consult the Knowledge Base before raising a support ticket

If you do submit a support ticket, we will endeavour to respond to your problem within one business day.

Support Ticket

If you still need assistance after consulting the Knowledge Base, please raise a support ticket below (if you are not logged into your account, choose ‘Continue as guest’).

  • Do give us as much detail as possible, including any error messages.
  • While we endeavour to assist as much as possible, we cannot guarantee trouble free operation with every single internet connected device.
  • Phone assistance is generally not available

October 9th 2019
We are currently experiencing periods when the training courses will be unresponsive, and will time out. .
These can last from 1-2 minutes to an hour or more.
This is due to server problems
We are working on a solution.

If this is the reason for your support ticket, please be aware that we cannot tell you any more at the moment.