Safe Ministry Training – Support

(This page is under construction and content is still being added)

This page is designed to assist you if you are having problems with:

  • Booking/paying for Safe Ministry Training on this site.
  • Accessing Online Safe Ministry Training
  • Using Online Safe Ministry Training

We are committed to helping resolve any problems you may have in these areas and this page provides some general advice that may help, and a link (below) to our support system where you can lodge a support ticket detailing the problem.
Once submitted, we will endeavour to respond to your problem within one business day.

Online Training

Logging in
If you are having trouble logging onto the online training website, try:

  • If you have not received your log in details by email after registering and paying, please raise a support ticket.
  • Make sure that your user-name and password are entered correctly. They are case sensitive, and a common problem occurs when copying and pasting user-name and passwords, where a space is added to the end.
  • Clear your web browser’s cache and restart the browser.
  • If you still cannot successfully log in, please raise a support ticket.


The online training site works a little differently to a normal website. To better understand how to navigate around the online training site, watch this screencast:

Registering for a Safe Ministry Training Course

If you experience problems registering or paying for Safe Ministry Training (either online or face to face courses) please check through these common solutions:

  • Make sure that any anti-virus or anti-malware software is not interfering with accessing the booking site.
  • If you have one, make sure you have your WWCC number to hand.
  • Note that you can pay by credit/debit card (Mastercard or Visa) or PayPal. Paypal allows you use whatever sources of cash/credit you have linked to your PayPal account. We are no longer able to accept direct deposit as a payment method.
  • Please note that all personal information collected is done so via an encrypted connection and stored in an encrypted database on a secure server. No credit card details are ever stored on our server.
  • If you continue to have difficulties using the booking system, or you do not receive the email with your online training login details, please raise a support ticket.

Further help

Raise a support ticket