Safe Ministry Training Support

Christmas/New Year Support.

  • No support is available from 4pm December 23rd to 9am December 28th and between December 31st – January 2nd
  • Very limited support will be available on non-holiday weekdays between December 24th and January 3rd

Support Availability

Support is generally not available on weekends or public holidays.

We are committed to helping resolve any problems you may have using this site or the training courses.

Please note the following:

  • If you are not familiar or comfortable with using the internet or computers, your first action should be to contact the Online Assistant in your church (if you are part of a Sydney Anglican church). Your Senior Minister will be able to tell you who that is.
  • We have a growing list of articles and frequently asked questions that might well assist you with your issue. Please consult the Knowledge Base before raising a support ticket.
  • If you do submit a support ticket, you will immediately receive an email acknowledging it has been successfully lodged.

Once we have received your ticket, we will endeavour to respond within
one to three business days.

Support Ticket

To contact us, log in below then click on 'New Ticket' at the top left of the form.

If you don't wish to log in (or the support ticket page does not recognise your log in details) please use the option ‘Create new ticket as guest’.
  • Do provide as much detail as possible in the Description field, including any error messages
  • We cannot guarantee trouble free operation with every single internet connected device, however we will endeavour to assist you as best we can
  • Phone assistance is generally not available
  • If you have problems logging into your course please try the following things first:
    – Reset your password, if you haven’t tried that already;
    – Clear your web browser cookies and cache by following the instructions here;
    – Try logging in on a different browser.