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The Junior Leaders Online course is designed to assist young leaders navigate their way through the challenges of doing ministry well and safely.

Please note:

  • There is no charge for the course
  • This course is only available to churches in the Sydney Diocese or affiliated churches

The online version of the course differs from the previous face to face version of the training.
There are several reasons for this, including the fundamental differences in the two presentation methods, the need to effectively care for the young leaders in training, and meeting obligations as noted in the recommendations from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

What’s in the course?
There are a total of 13 Topics in the course, covering areas such as: Safe Ministry principles, appropriate leadership, power in ministry, boundaries in ministry, leader selection, understanding abuse,  reporting abuse and others.
Download this document for more information on the contents of the course.

The time taken to complete the self-paced part of the course will vary with individuals, but is likely to be 2-3 hours.

Who is it suitable for?
The Junior Leaders Online course is designed for 14-17 year olds who are helpers in their ministry context, are not in a paid or supervisory position and are supervised at all times by an experienced leader. The course has been independently reviewed by a Psychologist who works with teens, to ensure it is sensitive to the needs of this particular age group.

It is expected that most 17 year olds will opt to do the Safe Ministry Essentials course in place of the Junior Leaders course, given that they will need to complete this course when they turn 18 years old. Any person under 18 years seeking to do Safe Ministry Essentials, should only do so with parental knowledge and suitable pastoral support available. For more information regarding best practice with Junior Leaders, see our FAQ/Knowledgebase page.

Given the nature of some of the topics covered in the course, we do not recommend that helpers under the age of 14 years complete the Junior Leaders course. However, if this does occur it should be with parental supervision and guidance.

In order to effectively administer the Junior Leaders course, it is vital for the young leader’s church to be actively involved with the process.

First Steps

Declaration – Church Coordinator

The church needs to nominate a Church Coordinator who is responsible for coordinating the pre-enrolment process for the Junior Leader course. This includes completing an online declaration to confirm that the church has met all the pre-requisites for training to take place. We recommend a person such as the leader (or one of the leaders) who directly supervises the Junior Leader(s).
This person can be the same individual as the Training Mentor.

Training Mentor

The church needs to arrange a suitable person to act as a Training Mentor to the Junior Leader(s). They must have a current WWCC and Safe Ministry Training.
The Training Mentor is required to pastorally care for the Junior Leader(s) if they need to talk about any issues raised in the training, and meet with the Junior Leader(s) near the completion of their course, to discuss the topics covered and to consolidate their learning. If more than one Junior Leader is completing training this meeting could be with a small group. For more information about this role, please refer to our Training Mentor Role Description.
This person can be the same individual as the Church Coordinator.


The church needs to obtain the written permission of each Junior Leaders parent(s)/guardian for them to undertake the training, and the authorisation of the Senior Minister. A sample form is available to download at the top left of this page.
These documents should be stored as part of the parish Safe Ministry Records, either as paper or scanned documents.
If the church prefers, they can create online version of these forms for use with their Church Management System (eg: Elvanto)

Safe Ministry Training Account

Each Junior Leader and Training Mentor must create their own Safe Ministry Training Account on the Safe Ministry Training website – unless they already have one.
To create an account they should go to Note: each account must have a unique email address that will need to be accessed during the course.

Summary of these steps:

  1. Appoint a Church Coordinator who will make sure the rest of the requirements are met. This can be the same person as the Training Mentor.
  2. Appoint a Training Mentor.
  3. Ensure the parents of each Junior Leader have signed the permission form – either as a paper document or an online form.
  4. Ensure the Senior Minister has signed an Authorisation form – either as a paper document or an online form.
    These forms should be stored as part of the church Safe Ministry Records.
  5. Each Junior Leader must create an account on the Safe Ministry Training website (unless they already have an account there).
  6. The Training Mentor must create an account on the Safe Ministry Training website (unless they already have an account there).
  7. The Church Coordinator then completes the form further down this page AFTER the previous steps are complete.

How the process works



When the above requirements are all in place, the church coordinator will complete the online form below.
Note that we require the dates of birth for each Junior Leader listed in the form.



When the Safe Ministry Team have checked the information in the form, and that the Junior Leaders have registered, they will be enrolled in the course and emailed details of how to access and start their training. Note: there is no charge for the Junior Leaders course.



The Training Mentor will be kept up to date with each Leader’s progress in the course. They will also be emailed material to help facilitate a brief discussion with the Junior Leader/s at the conclusion of the self-paced topics. This is to ensure each Junior Leader understands key aspects of the training, and has an opportunity to raise questions.



After step three the Training Mentor gives each Junior Leader an access code to unlock the last Topic in the course and release their Safe Ministry Training certificate. A copy of their certificate should be passed onto the parish Safe Ministry Representative as soon as possible. That certificate will be valid for three years or until the Junior Leader turns 18 (at which time they need to undertake Safe Ministry Essentials.)

Junior Leader Training Declaration Form

  • Church Details

  • The full name of the church. Do NOT put 'St Matthews' or similar, but use the full name, including locality if appropriate.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 20.
    This is number of Junior Leaders planning to do the online course at this time. Should be a number between 1 and 20
  • Junior Leader(s)

    List below each Junior Leader this declaration covers.
    Use the + sign to the right to add another Junior Leader to the list.
  • Name of Junior LeaderDate of Birth 
    Add a new row
  • Person making the Declaration

  • Description of leadership role or position in the church
  • Training Mentor

  • Declaration

    Ticking the following check boxes declares that signed permission/authorisation for the Junior Leader has been obtained and lodged with the church Safe Ministry Representative from: Parent(s)/Guardian(s) of the Junior Leader(s) and the Senior Minister of the church the Junior Leader(s) serves in
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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