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Please  note:  Safe  Ministry  training  can  contain  content  that  may  cause  distress.
It  includes discussion  of  topics  such  as  child  abuse,  family  and  domestic  violence,  abuse  of  power  and bullying.
Please  contact  the Safe Ministry Team (PSU)  if  this  training  may  cause  concern.

Our training is endorsed by the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA)

Sydney Anglican Diocese training

This training has been written for leaders serving in Anglican churches in the Sydney Diocese. It is important to note that any reference to policies, ordinances, codes of conduct and certain leadership roles as well as government legislation and legal requirements are specific to these Anglican churches.

Leaders from other churches may also benefit from, and are welcome to undertake this training. While much of the information and guidelines contained in the courses will be relevant in other churches, leaders who are not in a Sydney Anglican church should ensure they identify their own church/denomination’s applicable policies, codes and leadership roles as well as specific state laws at the relevant points in the training.

The Courses:

Safe Ministry Essentials

(up to 4.5  hours)
For  those undertaking Safe Ministry Training for the first time*
or re-training after more than 3 years.
*Junior leaders must complete Safe Ministry Essentials when they turn 18


Safe Ministry Refresher

(up to 2.5  hours)
For  those  who  have completed Safe Ministry Essentials and need  to  refresh  their  training.


Safe Ministry Junior

(up to 2.5  hours)
An introductory training course for leaders under 18yrs of age.
This course will be available online from late 2018

Which Course should I do?

 See our Training Information page for a description of each course and which one is relevant for your situation, particularly if you are a younger leader or if your safe ministry accreditation has expired.

For further information you can also visit our FAQ page.

How does online training work?

Online training consists of self-paced topics and a live webinar. To complete your online course you require a computer or other internet-connected device (e.g: a laptop or a tablet – although we do not recommend a phone).

Online training provides a convenient way to complete safe ministry training, but it is not instant. You must allow time to complete all the components of your online training and you will have a 6 week enrollment period in which to do this. Failing to complete all the components of your online course within this enrollment period may require you to purchase access to your training again to complete your course.

Please refer to the information below to understand how the online training process works.



Register: Click the ‘Register now’ link at the bottom of this page to register and set up your online training account – or log in if you already have an account. Note: The email address used to Register must be unique to that account. Duplicate addresses cannot be used.


Purchase Access

Once you have registered, log in and purchase access to the course of your choice.


Self Paced Content

Complete the self-paced online content for your chosen course.


Live Webinar

Attend a live webinar. These are held on a number of days each month (see current dates below). After attending a webinar, there is one final topic to complete your online Essentials or Refresher course.

All courses have a short ‘Training Overview’ course which must be completed before access to Refresher or Essentials is granted.

Register/Log in

Once you have registered (which you only need to do once) and logged in, purchase access to the course you wish to enroll in. You will then be taken to the ‘My Dashboard‘ page which contains links to your enrolled course(s) and other helpful information about your training.
You have a 6 week enrollment period in which to complete all the topics in your safe ministry training course (including the webinar and one final topic). If you are completing the Refresher course, ensure you complete your online course prior to your safe ministry training accreditation expiring. For more information about training expiry see our FAQ page.


The self-paced topics of your course allow you to complete most of your training at your own pace and in your own time, and you can come and go from the self-paced content as you wish.
Note: there is also a live webinar and one final topic that must be completed as part of your course within the overall six week enrollment period.

Return any time

If you return to continue the course, first log in and then access your course from the ‘My Dashboard‘ page.


Each topic will vary in the time it will take – but if you are already familiar with some of the material, you may find you move through some parts of the course in a shorter time.


Live webinar: The second last topic of either course consists entirely of a 45 minute live webinar (a seminar via the web).
After completing the self-paced content, you will be able to book into a webinar at a date and time of your choice.
The next scheduled webinars are listed below for your planning. As it may be 2 weeks or more (in busy periods) before you can get into a webinar, please allow for this possible delay.
You do not need any special equipment like a microphone or webcam to participate in the webinar, but do not use a smartphone for the webinar – the small screen makes it impossible to participate as required for this component of the training.



Anglicans of any diocese

$17 other denominations


Anglicans of any diocese

$12 other denominations

Webinar Dates

For your planning, here is an indication of the next available dates for the live webinar component of your online course. As webinars are live and interactive, numbers are limited in each session.
You will be able to register for the webinar of your choice after you have completed the self-paced online content.

September 2018

Saturday 22nd  9:00am AEST 
Thursday 27th  10:00am AEST

October 2018

Tuesday 2nd, 7.30pm AEST
Saturday 13th, 9.00am AEST
Tuesday 16th, 10.00am AEST
Thursday 18th, 7.30pm AEST

Register for your Safe Ministry Training Account now,
or log in to purchase access to online courses:

Already logged in? Go to the ‘Training Info & Rego’ menu above and select ‘Buy access to courses’

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