Local Safe Ministry Online Assistant

Local Safe Ministry Online Assistant (Online Assistant)

A new role has been created within local churches to be able to assist with those who would like to do online training but may lack the ability to access Wi-Fi, or require assistance to book and pay for the course, navigate through the training modules, or participate in the webinar. The role is managed in the local church and is a way to enable and support people as they complete the online safe ministry training.

It is ideal that there is one Online Assistant in each church. A suitable person for this may be the existing local Safe Ministry trainer or another person in your church who is committed to Safe Ministry. The PSU (Safe Ministry Team) will provide yearly training (via webinar) and provide ongoing support to those in this role.

The Online Assistant is appointed by the Senior Minister, and is an entirely local appointment, requiring no paperwork or notifying of the PSU.


Online Assistants

When you first register for online training, you will taken to the online training site automatically. To log back into the training site to complete your training, go directly to: https://online.safeministry.training  and log in using the username and password that you received when you first registered.

Certificates will be emailed directly to participants with a note reminding them to forward it through to their Safe Ministry Representative and to record when they are next due to participate in training. At any time a Safe Ministry Representative can email the PSU requesting a list of participants.

Yes it can, however this will depend on an individual’s preference and the actual device used. We don’t recommend attending the webinar on a smartphone as it is an interactive session and can lose some of the functionality on smaller devices. In this instance a desktop computer, laptop or tablet would be recommended.

Throughout the training there are ‘checkpoints’ to be able to directly contact the PSU. This may include the need for pastoral support, to make a report or to raise something about the training.
It’s best to let the participant contact the PSU directly rather than you doing this on their behalf. If you have any serious concerns please raise this with your Safe Ministry Representative or the PSU.

This is generally offered 3-4 times per month in a one week period based on demand. It is mostly provided in evenings and some Saturdays.

The training is provided online. The online assistant enables participants to access the training and navigate their way around, book into/attend the webinar and assist participants to retrieve their certificate. The Online Assistant role is not a training role in any capacity.

Yes, it’s available on the Resources page of both the Safe Ministry Training (https://safeministry.training/resources/) and the main Safe Ministry site (https://safeministry.org.au/resource-documents/)

A participant must complete their online training including the webinar and receive certification within 3 years and 1 month from their last training.

It may be that a participant meets in a public place such as coffee shop that has wireless internet or a library or it might be in a person’s home however it is important that Safe Ministry practises are carried out for this role. We have a frame work set out for this in the resource pack online at https://safeministry.training/local-safe-ministry-online-assistant/

Training for the Online Assistant role can happen at any time as we have the training video and resources online at https://safeministry.training/local-safe-ministry-online-assistant/

The Online Assistant reports to the Safe Ministry Representative in the local church and so they may be involved in the selection, recruitment and appointment on the Senior Ministers behalf however he will need to be involved in the decision.
As it is an entirely local appointment, it requires no paperwork or notifying of the PSU.

Yes this is absolutely fine and we greatly appreciate you taking on both roles.


This document contains the position description and framework, and a number of screenshots to help Online Assistants understand the structure of the online course:
Online Assistant Resource Pack v1 (pdf)

Training Webinars

If you are interested in becoming an Online Assistant, we have run two webinars that you can view below.

The first is our initial information webinar on the role of an Online Assistant.
The second webinar aimed to train and equip a person to be an Online Assistant in their church.

‘Online Assistant’ Information Webinar – originally conducted on September 19th 2017


Online Assistant Training Webinar – Oct 3rd 2017