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Who we are

Safe Ministry Training is run by the Professional Standards Unit of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney (PSU).

The PSU is charged with developing and facilitating training in Safe Ministry practice and policy for all paid pastoral staff and volunteers working with children and other vulnerable people in our churches and affiliated ministries.

It is our goal to develop a deep culture of safe ministry in our churches and ministries, and effective training in the principles of safe ministry is a key part of that.
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Who we Serve

The Anglican Diocese of Sydney is the largest – in terms of population – Anglican Diocese in Australia.

We work with more than 270 parishes, a number of other congregation styles, and have strong links with other Anglican diocese’ and numerous independent evangelical churches.

We have many people working tirelessly in their churches in children’s and youth ministries, and in ministries to vulnerable adults.



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Safe Ministry Training website for all training info.

From the Archbishop...

It is a privilege to serve Christ in this way, as we help them either to become disciples of Christ or to mature as disciples of Christ within the context of our churches, schools and camps. Thank you for your commitment to this ministry.
However, with privilege comes responsibility. This is the reason for our course on Safe Ministry. We have a high calling to protect the vulnerable among us, especially the very young, and it comes from none other than the Lord Jesus himself.

All children who come into contact with the Anglican Church in the Diocese of Sydney should feel safe and secure in our care. Their parents should also feel confident in leaving their children with us, knowing that we shall protect them from harm’s way, while sharing the love of Christ in word and deed through our ministry.

The protection of the vulnerable, especially children, is a consistent theme in Scripture and one which we in the Diocese of Sydney take very seriously. Widows, orphans and aliens (or refugees) comprise a familiar triad of responsibility for Ancient Israel and the New Testament reinforces this responsibility for Christian care to those who might otherwise be marginalised. In the past there have been some incidences of poor supervision and sadly, occasions of sexual misconduct with little ones.
Such behaviour is abhorrent in God’s sight, as it is in ours. It is a travesty of our calling to righteousness and a betrayal of parental trust when sexual abuse of little ones occurs at the hands of those given the responsibility of leading these little ones to Christ.

It is my prayer that your involvement in this course on Safe Ministry will not only raise your consciousness of the importance of protecting children and other vulnerable persons, but also provide you with practical advice so that both our policy and our behaviour might be ‘best practice’. It is the Lord Jesus Christ whom we serve and our desire is to honour him in every community, but especially in our churches and organisations, that they might be places of safety and security wherein all people, particularly children and youth, might hear the good news of Christ and be built up in their faith.

Grace and peace