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Please  note:  Safe  Ministry  training  can  contain  content  that  may  cause  distress.
It  includes discussion  of  topics  such  as  child  abuse,  family  and  domestic  violence,  abuse  of  power  and bullying.
Please  contact  the Safe Ministry Team (PSU)  if  this  training  may  cause  concern.

Our training is endorsed by the Safe Churches Training Agreement (SCTA)

Sydney Anglican Diocese training

This training has been written for leaders serving in Anglican churches in the Sydney Diocese. It is important to note that any reference to policies, ordinances, codes of conduct and certain leadership roles as well as government legislation and legal requirements are specific to these Anglican churches.

Leaders from other churches may also benefit from, and are welcome to undertake this training. While much of the information and guidelines contained in the courses will be relevant in other churches, leaders who are not in a Sydney Anglican church should ensure they identify their own church/denomination’s applicable policies, codes and leadership roles as well as specific state laws at the relevant points in the training.

The Courses:

Safe Ministry Refresher

(up to 2.5  hours)
For  those  who  need  to  refresh  their  training.

Safe Ministry Essentials

(up to 4.5  hours)
For  those undertaking Safe Ministry Training for the first time
or re-training after more than 3 years. 

How does face to face training work?

Face to face Safe Ministry Training is held several times a year in various locations around the Diocese of Sydney.
Both the Essentials and Refresher courses are available in each location.



Register: Click the ‘Register now or login’ button at the bottom of this page to register and set up your Safe Ministry training account, or log in if you already have an account.


Purchase Access

Once logged in, purchase access to the course of your choice. Note that access to face to face training MUST be purchased BEFORE the day of the course.


Head to location

Plan to arrive at the location of the training course in good time.



For Sydney Anglicans

$60 other denominations


For Sydney Anglicans

$30 other denominations

The next face to face training events are:

Saturday June 30

East Lindfield Anglican Church, St Peter’s
110 Tryon Rd, Lindfield
Refresher (morning)

North Parramatta Anglican Church, All Saints
Victoria Road & Elizabeth Streets, North Parramatta
Refresher (afternoon)

Saturday July 7

Campbelltown Anglican Church, St Peter’s
Cordeaux Street, Campbelltown
Refresher (morning)

Maroubra Anglican Church, St John’s
339A Maroubra Road, Maroubra
Refresher (afternoon)

Registration and payment must be made online no later than 24 hrs prior to the event.
Payment can be made by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

Direct deposit and cash on the day are no longer accepted as forms of payment.

The cost covers training, resources and refreshments on the day (lunch is not provided).

The Professional Standards Unit is committed to seeing every church receive the training they need.
Please contact us if the cost of training is prohibitive.

Register for your Safe Ministry Training Account now,
or log in to purchase access to face to face courses:

Already logged in? Go to the ‘Training Info & Rego’ menu above and select ‘Buy access to courses’

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