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Course enrolment period and Training expiry date – what’s the difference?

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Course enrolment period
Your course enrolment period lasts for 6 months – this is how long you have to access to your online course. Your Enrolment Expiry date is visible in the top right corner of any page whenever you are logged in to your safe ministry course.
Your course enrolment period does not affect when your training expires, only when your access to your online course expires. Once your enrolment period ends, you no longer have access to your online course and all course progress is removed from the system and is not retrievable.
If you haven’t completed all the components of your online course before your enrolment period expires, you will need to re-enrol and start your training again. Note: if it has been more than 3yrs since you completed safe ministry training, you will now be required to complete the Essentials course.

Training expiry date
Your training expiry date is when your safe ministry accreditation is no longer valid. This is 3 years from the last date you attended training. Safe Ministry Reps are required to maintain safe ministry records so they should be able to assist you with this information. Alternatively, you will find it in your Course Dashboard page of your safe ministry account.
In accordance with the Safe Ministry to Children Ordinance 2020, safe ministry training must be completed prior to a person’s training expiry date (your course enrolment period does not affect this).

For more information about what to do if your training expires, see this article.