Can two or more attend a webinar together on one device?

It is very important that you attend the webinar as an individual, and not as part of a group using one device.
This is because of the interactive nature of the event, and how we record each individual’s interaction in the session.

That said, a group of people can gather at a suitable venue to log in to their webinar at the same time, provided the following is observed:

  • Each person has individually registered for the webinar as part of their training.
  • The venue has a high enough quality internet connection to service each device used. Do not expect a domestic grade connection to serve more than 2-3 devices (unless you have a 50Mb or 100Mb NBN connection). Wired connections will always work better than WiFi (where possible).
  • Each person uses their own device to attend the webinar. We recommend a laptop or desktop, however an iPad or Android tablet can also be used. A mobile phone will NOT be a suitable device and you will be unable to complete the webinar on a phone.
  • Each person uses a set of headphones or earbuds to hear the webinar on their own device.