Convenient – But Not Instant

Online Safe Ministry Training has been a huge hit since it’s introduction in October 2017.
Literally thousands of people have enjoyed the convenience and presentation of the training in the 10 months (at time of writing) since it’s launch.

When we announced the development of online training, we talked up the convenience factor – “Anywhere, anytime on any device“. That is something we probably should have qualified at the time!
As we developed the content and presentation of the training online, the live webinar grew in significance and importance. Because it is a truly live event it provides a vital opportunity for individuals to ask questions of the presenter, and for us to gently test the understanding of participants through a case study and live polling.
We think it is one of the key features of our training, setting our courses apart from other online training available.

But it also requires quite a bit of organising behind the scenes and by participants.
Given that we are still in the early stages of online training, we are still determining the peaks and troughs of demand – an important factor that guides our scheduling of the webinars.
The impact of this is that sometimes, when demand exceeds our expectations, webinars can fill up and course participants can find themselves waiting up to two weeks to get into a webinar. And that can mean that for some people, their course enrolment expires before they can get finish everything.

We are working on the webinar supply situation – scheduling more when we see more people enrolling, and spreading them through the month more evenly, but that will never meet demand perfectly, so the takeaway thought from this article is:

Safe Ministry Training online is convenient – but not instant!

You have six months (applying from all enrolments from September 9th 2019) to complete all aspects of your training from when you buy access to your course. Plenty of time – so long as you crack on with the self-paced components of the course promptly after enrolling! Don’t leave it until the last week, only to find you have no available webinars before your enrolment expires! If you do, you will need to start your course from the beginning!