Choosing a strong password

We occasionally get complaints about how our website forces people to choose complex passwords. But our website holds thousands of peoples personal details, and the security of that data may be only as good as your password choice. Weak passwords are the most common source of data breaches that place you in a position of … Read more

Supervision Ratios

A leader should avoid being left alone one-on-one with a vulnerable person. It is always recommended to have at least two adult leaders present at every ministry event/program. Suggested supervision ratios for low risk onsite events are: preschoolers 1:5 primary age 1:7 youth and vulnerable adults 1:10 (Note: Due to the variation in support needs … Read more

Receiving your certificate when training is complete

For face-to-face training, certificates will be emailed directly to participants with a note reminding them to forward it through to their Safe Ministry Representative and to record when they are next due to participate in training. For online training courses, once attendance and participation at the final component of the course (a live webinar) is … Read more

Make sure you receive our emails

Email is a great tool and easy to use, but spammers and spreaders of malware have made email a challenge to deliver reliably. The Safe Ministry Training system uses email extensively to communicate with participants in our courses, so it can be very inconvenient for all concerned if you are not receiving the emails we … Read more

How can my church subsidise the cost of training for its members?

With the move to online training and the associated Safe Ministry Training account and enrolment/payment system, churches who wish to sponsor or subsidise the training (online or face to face) for their members need to use the following approach: For online training, go to the Bulk Online Training Tickets page on this site, and carefully … Read more