How can my church subsidise the cost of training for its members?

With the move to online training and the associated Safe Ministry Training account and enrolment/payment system, churches who wish to sponsor or subsidise the training (online or face to face) for their members need to use the following approach:

  • For online training, go to the Bulk Online Training Tickets page on this site, and carefully complete the form on that page.
    For face to face training events, go to the Bulk Face to Face Training Tickets page.
  • That will automatically generate an invoice to the church, which will be emailed immediately to you.
    When that is paid, the church will be issued with a unique discount code for the course(s) required.
  • That code should be given to the church members wishing to train, and they must individually create a Safe Ministry Training account and enrol for whichever course they are undertaking. When entered at the checkout, that code will automatically discount the fee for the course.
  • Once the account creations and enrolment processes are complete, the course can be undertaken as normal.

It is not possible to simply make one booking for x people in the one transaction. Each individual has to create and account with their own details.