When must someone working with children complete Safe Ministry Training?

In accordance with the Safe Ministry To Children Ordinance 2020, “…the training requirements for clergy and church workers with respect to safe ministry are satisfactory completion of accredited training… by clergy, and authorised, paid or voluntary, church workers, within three years prior to being ordained, licensed, or authorised, or appointed to undertake ministry to children…” … Read more

What happens when my Safe Ministry training expires?

Safe Ministry Training lasts for three years. When the Safe Ministry Training expiry date approaches for an existing worker in your church (volunteer or paid), they should: Make every effort to complete the Refresher course BEFORE the expiry date. If this is impossible to comply with*, they should complete the Refresher course within 30 days … Read more

What is best practice with junior leaders (under 18 years old)?

Managing Junior Leaders (those under 18 years of age) needs as much care as we give the process with adult leaders. Here are the main points: Safe Ministry Check – Under 18 year olds cannot obtain a WWCC, but they do need to complete the Safe Ministry Checkfor 13-17 year olds. Note that this document … Read more

Are school teachers exempt from doing Safe Ministry training?

The Safe Ministry to Children Ordinance 2020, requires all clergy and church workers working with children (under 18 year olds) to complete Safe Ministry Essentials or Safe Ministry Refresher training, or an equivalent course by another denomination under the Safe Church Training Agreement (SCTA). Because courses related to other professions are all structured differently, and … Read more