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Can two or more attend a webinar together on one device?

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It is very important that you attend the webinar as an individual, and not as a couple or part of a group using one device.
This is because of the interactive nature of the event and how we record each individual’s interaction in the session.

Where we cannot satisfactorily verify an individual’s attendance in a webinar they may be required to attend another session.

Suggestions for couples:
Where a couple only has access to one device they should attend separate webinars so that their individual attendance is recorded.

Suggestions for groups:
It is possible for a group of people to gather at a suitable venue to log in to their webinar at the same time, provided the following is observed:

  • Each person has individually registered for the webinar as part of their training.
  • The venue has a high enough quality internet connection to service each device used. Do not expect a domestic grade connection to serve more than 2-3 devices (unless you have a 50Mb or 100Mb NBN connection). Wired connections will always work better than Wi-Fi (where possible).
  • Each person uses their own device to log into the webinar so that their attendance is recorded. We recommend a laptop or desktop, however an iPad or Android tablet can also be used. A mobile phone will NOT be a suitable device and you will be unable to complete the webinar on a phone.
  • Each person uses a set of headphones or earbuds to hear the webinar on their own device.