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Logging in

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  • The log in page is here:
  • In order to log in, you first need to create an account here:
  • Once you have created your account you can log in using the email address and password that you selected.
  • Make sure that your email address and password are entered correctly. They are case sensitive, and a common problem occurs when copying and pasting email addresses and passwords, where a space is added to the end.
  • If your attempts to log in are unsuccessful, don’t keep trying! If you have more than a certain number of unsuccessful attempts close together, the system will lock you out for a period of time.
  • If you are not sure of your password, use the ‘lost your password?’ link on the log in page. This will send you a special password reset link to your email address. Click on this link within 30 minutes to reset your password. If the click doesn’t seem to work, try copying and pasting it into the address bar of your browser.