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What is a webinar?

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A webinar is a live, web-based video conference that uses the internet to connect the individual (or multiple individuals) hosting the webinar to an audience of viewers and listeners from all over. Hosts can show themselves speaking, show slideshows or demonstrations.
Participants do not need any special equipment to attend our webinars – a tablet (like an iPad) or large internet connected device and speakers or headphones are all that is needed.

Webinar platforms also offer interactive features that the audience can use to ask questions and ‘chat’ with host. We include Q&A sessions to answer participants questions about the content, and there is a text-based Q&A box where questions can be typed by participants at any time during the presentation.
We also test knowledge and understanding through the use of interactive polls throughout the presentation.

The webinar is a key component of most of our courses, as it provides the opportunity to test participants understanding of key concepts and for them to interact with experienced senior safe ministry trainers.

We use Adobe Connect as our webinar platform.