Tips on having a great webinar

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Tips on having a great webinar

First things first:

  • Laptop/desktop computer: If you are using a laptop or desktop computer there is no additional software needed – the webinar will be accessed through your web browser.
  • iPad/tablet: If you are using an Apple iPad or Android tablet make sure you have the current version of the Adobe Connect app installed. This is free and available for different devices/platforms here:
  • Mobile phone: Do NOT attempt to take part in the webinar on a mobile phone (no matter how big it is) – you will not be able to participate fully in the webinar on a phone.
  • Make sure your confirmation email for the webinar is available on the device you will be using for the webinar.
  • If your internet connection is via WiFi, make sure you have a good strong WiFi signal for your device – i.e: try to be close to your router or wireless access point.
  • You might be surprised at how many devices use the internet connection in our homes! Minimise how many other devices are connected to the internet at the time of the webinar. Perhaps ask other household members to hold back on Netflix streaming and other downloading for the duration of the webinar.

Logging in

  • At least 10 minutes before the webinar start time, open the confirmation email and click on the ‘Join’ button or the login URL in the email.
  • Depending on what device you are using you will be prompted to ‘Open in browser’ (for laptop & desktop computers) or the webinar will open directly in the Adobe Connect app (for iPads and tablets).
  • Once you are logged in, you should check that your audio is working OK. Remember, you do NOT need a webcam or microphone to participate in the webinar.